Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Notes Pdf

Are you a bsc 2nd year zoology students and still searching for bsc 2nd year zoology notes pdf then you are in the right place because
bsc 2nd year zoology is an important subject that deals with the study of animals and their behavior, anatomy, physiology, and evolution. If you are a bsc 2nd year zoology student, then you know how crucial it is to have access to well-structured and informative study materials.

Moreover, bsc 2nd year zoology notes pdf are perfect for students who prefer self-study, as they provide an organized and structured way to learn at their own pace. Additionally, they can serve as an excellent resource for students who missed a lecture or want to revise their notes before exams.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at bsc 2nd year zoology notes pdf and their benefits for students. So, if you’re a Zoology student looking to excel in your academics, keep reading!

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Notes Pdf Chapter wise

If you want to download bsc 2nd year zoology notes pdf chapter wise then you can check below.

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Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Cytology Notes Pdf

Here you have to study about the observation of cell division and chromosomes under a microscope through various techniques like making temporary slides of onion root tips to observe mitotic division, using prepared slides to observe various stages of mitosis and meiosis, and mounting chromosomes from the salivary glands of Chiranomous flies on microscope slides for observation.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Genetics Notes Pdf

In this chapter you have to know about genetics and the study of how traits and genetic information are passed down from generation to generation. It covers three different areas of genetic study:

  • Mendelian inheritance and how traits are passed down from parents to offspring, using examples to explain the concept.
  • Linkage recombination, gene mapping and how genes are arranged and inherited on chromosomes.
  • Human karyotypes, which are used to diagnose genetic disorders and study how chromosomes and genes are inherited in humans.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Evolution Notes Pdf

In this chapter you have to learn about the following things.

  • Learn about fossils to understand the history of life on Earth.
  • Study homology and analogy by examining specimens and pictures.
  • Explore the evolution of horses and Darwin’s finches through pictures.
  • Visit to a natural history museum to learn and write a report.

The main things is the study of the history of life on Earth and the different tools and resources used to better understand the processes of evolution and relationships between species.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Embryology Notes Pdf

In bsc 2nd year zoology, embryology chapter is one of the most important chapter and you have to study about the following things.

  • Study developmental biology and embryology.
  • Learn about the development of frogs, including the formation of primary germ layers.
  • Understand the formation and functions of fetal membranes in chick embryos.
  • Explore the development, types, and functions of the placenta in mammals.

The main things is the study of the development of organisms, including the formation of germ layers, fetal membranes, and placenta.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Physiology Notes Pdf

Physiology is one of the most important chapter in bsc 2nd year zoology and here you have to learn details about the physiological process involved in human body like –

  • The process of digestion, including an elementary study of how it works.
  • Absorption of digested food.
  • Respiration, which involves pulmonary ventilation, transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • Circulation, including the structure and functioning of the heart, as well as the cardiac cycle.
  • Excretion, which includes the structure of the nephron, urine formation, and the counter-current mechanism.

Overall, this chapter focuses on the various biological processes that are crucial for an organism’s survival and well-being.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Ecology Notes Pdf

This Chapters covers various aspects of ecology, including the important abiotic factors of ecosystems, nutrient cycles, components of ecosystems, food chains and food webs, and energy flow within ecosystems. Overall, this chapter focuses on the complex interactions between living organisms and environment and the processes that sustain life within ecosystems.


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